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Welcome to the best dishes in Rome Ga.

This is the first ever attempt to chronicle the best Rome has to offer! This in no way is a list of every awesome dish Rome has its just the start to an ever growing list! 

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The Best Dishes in Rome Ga!

  1. The Nando Roll From Rusan's  

  The Chefs at Rusans are insane for this one! Taking the classic sushi and getting it littt. Its special sriracha sauce kicks the party up to awesome! If your looking for an awesome fun roll The Nando Roll is a must try! 

2. The Roman Legion- SpeakCheesy!

This sandwich is easily one of the heaviest hitting entree's Rome has ever seen, This thing is massive 6 pieces of bread. 5 cheese and 4 meats! This thing belongs in a coliseum. We bet you won't be hungry after this bad boy! 

3. The Red Headed Stranger- Harvest Moon


This Stranger Thing is made with a 8 oz black Angus patty,Wicked Pimina Cheese, bacon, candied jalapenos and onion straws. A must try for any burger aficionado. The combination of flavors will drive your taste buds crazy! You have to try it! Order it now!!! 

4. Wings from Hot Wings Etc

These are the best wings you will ever eat in Rome Georgia. Hot wings etc has all the normal flavors of wings but our favorite is medium mixed with lemon pepper! It's an awesome blend of spice and sour tang! Make sure you try there if your hot wing expert! Oh yeah, don't forget to ask for extra napkins! Shoot us a message and order some today!