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Roman Food Delivery Presents - Autumn

Romans, Lend me your ears!

Today, We bring you an artist from our very own Rome! Please, enjoy our interview with ever talented Mrs. Autumn!

What inspires you to start a new piece/or finish one? 

 Oh jeez. Pretty much anything! I get inspiration from playing (or watching) video games, walking in the woods, people watching... etc. Motivation to finish a piece is different. I rarely finish something that I start (that sounds terrible). I'm always afraid that I'm going to mess it up and can't really tell when something is finished or "good enough".  

What age did you realize that art was your thing?  

As long as I can remember! I have always loved drawing and making things. When I was in first grade and started watching Sailor Moon, that's when I really got into drawing. I had never seen anything like it and it really inspired me!   

What's your favorite thing to draw/paint?  

Faces, Not hair, clothes, bodies (even though I was really into drawing the human figure in high school), just faces. I especially like painting pale people with light eyes and dark hair. It's really fun to blend those colors.  

Which do you find harder...drawing what you see in your head or drawing from a live reference?  

In my head for sure. I have to have a reference or it'll look like a scribble. That makes it really hard when I have a good idea and can't find the right reference photos to go by. Usually I have to end up photographing myself, or a friend, doing ridiculous faces and poses.

 What's your artist's weapon of choice? 

My waterbrush! It's one of the greatest tools ever!  

Are there any pet peeves or moments of super OCD put into your work? 

If I do an ink outline and the paint goes outside of the lines, it'll end up in the trash. I can't stand it.  

What's something that you despise to draw(if anything)?


Hair and clothes. It's just something I need to work on...  

Canvas or sketch paper? 

 Both! I'm a watercolor person but I like to, occasionally, dabble in acrylic on canvas.  

Does your choice of color pallets vary with each project or are there certain colors your more drawn to use with each piece? 

Yep, it varies. But I'm drawn more to cool blues, dark reds, black, and sea foam green! 

So in closing, What do you want Romans to know? 

I'm still growing as an artist but I want to thank everyone that has gotten me to the point I am at now. I want to thank my husband, parents, friends and my family for always being supportive of EVERYTHING I do, no matter how ridiculous it is. I also want to thank everyone from my home town(s) (I say towns because I lived both in Calhoun and Rome) that has given me enormous amounts of encouragement and motivation to keep at it.

I am currently working on several cat themed projects for the Tally Cat Café in Tallahassee. They're great people and I really appreciate the opportunity that they have given me.

I am also going to start getting back into drawing portraits and making pins in the very near future!

If you want to check out some of my progress photos, the best place to look is my Instagram. I'm working on a website right now and once it's finished, I'll post it to my Facebook page.

I really appreciate all of the encouragement and, of course, you guys for reaching out to interview me! Thank you!


Instagram- @autumndelaneyart
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/autumndelaneyart/
Twitter- @autumndart
Tumblr- autumndelaney.tumblr.com
Etsy- https://www.etsy.com/shop/AutumnDelaneyArt 

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