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Black Egyptian

Black Egyptian by Josh Palmer

We get to know the man behind Black Egyptian and the influence of the latest new clothing brand by Rome's very own Josh Palmer. If you're a fan of the great ancient Egypt then you're going to find this cool! We sure did! 

  What does fashion mean to you? 

  Fashion means everything to me. It's something I always had a vision doing one day, I just didn't know when I wanted to really start it up.

 Where do you get your fashion influence from? 

  I get my fashion influence from seeing what different celebrities are wearing and different style and feel of the clothing, making sure it feels good when I'm wearing it and also making sure I'm comfortable in it as well.  

 What are some of your favorite brands to wear? 

 Some of my favorites brands to wear is Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, and of course Jordan. That's just some of the few, but the list goes on and on.

   What is your go-to fit for a fun night out?

  Well my go to fit, it really depends on how the weather is holding up but if I had to say I would say probably a nice polo and some khakis with some slides on, but it also depends on where I'm going. 


                                    Why Black Egyptian?

   It's based off the great Black Egyptian theory... Mainstream scholars recognize that many indigenous Egyptians,  including several Pharaohs, were of ancestry, in our modern era, that would be considered "black". The Black Egyptian theory goes much further, claiming that Egypt, from north to south, was a black civilization.