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I had a massive ass panic attack one recently and I wrote about it!

Washed up with skin soaked  In that moment, I was a severe claustrophobe  The walls were closing in  Curtains closed; The show comes to an end  Or so I thought  It was fear my face brought  I wasn’t meant to be here  So distraught   Time stood still  Life was paused  Flashbacks to the aftermath  Praying for it to pass  Waiting for the panic to vanish  Can this be happening to me?  Again?  Trying to pretend that I’m in a place where the chaos will vacate the loft  Susceptible to fear  Basically lost  Frightened that words will become a great loss after how hard I fought for every thought  I’m on the outside looking in  It’s hard to watch  Arms becoming numb  “Breathe before it reaches your thumbs”  So vulnerable and dumb  There’s more fear to come  I’m on the run   It chased me into my room  Pounded me into the floor  Parasitic and only wanting more  More violent than blood and gore; affecting my assets behind my eye lids  Eyes closed, but I’m not blind to this  Feeling a faint heart  It doesn’t seem to be beating  But fear’s beating me to a pulp as I turn to the water to gulp  Trembling and anxious for it to disintegrate Simply put, I need it to go away   It disappeared from the heart, but it’s heavy on the mind  I know it’ll appear another time  It forgot to take my courage  Fear left it behind for me to have another chance to find what I need out of life