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Jackie Blake's Music review


Parental disclaimer: The following person may contain foul language at times of great excitement.  

What's up everybody, it's ya boy BlackieJake coming to you with a fresh article to get you started with 2018. As a long time musician and lyricist, i am constantly delving into recent releases from bands I have followed for years, and some new acts that are screaming into scene. Music has always been true freedom for me. It gives me the freedom to let my mind escape and feel what that artist is trying to show me. Writing and riffs are what powered me through my younger years. Without those two things, I could say I would have been blind to this life. I have found that music can heal and words can comfort if you truly let them. Music has always been more that just something to do and/or listen to for me. I believe it is the way all of our souls truly communicate and join as one. That is why I have personally dedicated my life to music in one way or another. I hope that with 2018 I can share with you what keeps me going and my heart alive. I hope that the music and things I share with you can become a part of your lives as well I do not wish to take away or change who you are, but only to add something to your life that could help you when your in a dark place. Thank you for all the views in 2017. I sincerely can't express my appreciation for the readers. So here's to a kick ass year, some incredible tunes, and many blissful memories. As always, it's ya boy BlackieJake. Stay dope people.

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In due time this will be a band that echoes in the same names of the legends that came before them. Keep a lookout for more to come from these melodic masterminds straight out of Rome, Ga....

King Ghost- Weirdo 3

King Ghost has become synonymous with greatness, every word flowing out really speaking the life of a man who preaches what he has lived. Keep up with King Ghost and his team of musical legends and watch this movement rise.  

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