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Roman Food Delivery Vs Sincerely Luis

RFD caught up Rome's hottest new photographer blowing up instagram. He's been featured on pages   @portraitsatl @portraitkillers @gameofportraitz @portrait.squad @wmportraits @mysensualmemo @oz_0 just to name a few! We asked him questions from fans! Check out our interview and some of his work! Make sure to go like his Instagram:sincerelyluis  or send him a email at sincerelyluis@gmail.com 

Who is your favorite artist?  

 My favorite artist is Michelangelo.

Who are yours favorite photographers are/who has influenced your art?


Favorite photographers are on Instagram @brandonwoelfel @dfreske @dennistejero @gregoriophotography & @kingvuddha

Can you get me some tips for photographing jewelry, esp silver? 

Is it better to take a shot from above or from the side?  Natural light or light box?  

Photographing jewelry requires a good lighting setup to really get the shine going on and possibly a good lens with good aperture for better bokeh. 

What is the best angle to take naughty pics? 

Best angle to take naughty pics would be from the model’s side perspective, have them looking at you while getting the shot and also upside down on a bed for a facial focus 

Why is photography superior to simply taking a video shoot and finding still frame shots within the video to use as photographs? I really have always wondered this.   

The difference between using video photos and actual photographs really goes towards the quality of the image. Video and Photography quality is totally different, there is a reason they’re both different and why photography and photographers are still a thing. It takes time to get the good angle on a photo with one shot, while on video you can get every angle in just one go. 

Canon or Nikon?  

 Sony, reason why is due to image quality and the specs to every one of them as well. 

Why do we park on driveways, but drive on parkways? 


We park on driveways and drive on parkways because overpopulation. Plus, people don’t care about a parking ticket if it’s literally the last place on earth to park and you’ve got an important photoshoot to go to.


Do certain angles turn out better for certain shoots as opposed to others. Ex.. wooded areas vs suburban areas   

Angles play a big part in where you are shooting. For urban or street you mostly want to get low angle shots to get a good background and good POV. For wooded areas or even nature landscapes are the way to go to show most of the background and have your subject in the center to get a great shot of the model/object.   

At what point of being a photographer do you feel most alive?  

Whenever I️ interact with my subjects during a shoot is when I️ feel most alive. Communicating w/ the person really makes me get to know about what type of person they are even if they don’t say a single word. I can already study their mind with just the way they look or communicate.   

And the best way to book you ?? 

 My gmail or Instagram dm  Gmail: sincerelyluis@gmail.com Instagram: sincerelyluis 

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