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Raiden Caine - Eternal Expression

Romans, Lend us your ears! We sat in Raiden's tattoo chair just to get this interview for you guys! We asked him everything from what inspires him to where he see's himself in 10 years! Relax and enjoy!

What inspired you to push past drawing and start laying down ink? 

 I always felt as if tattooing picked me...I didn't pick tattooing.  Honestly, I think I would have ultimately became a tattooer no matter what I chased in life.  It was destiny.   

  What age and area did tattooing really come into place for you?


 I started my apprenticeship in sept 11th 2007 at all or nothing tattoo.  I was 25 years old.   

  What's your favorite/least favorite area to tattoo?
 I am not a fan of the ribs or stomach but anything on forearms, feet and legs is always fun.    

 In a world full of multiple styles, if there is a category that fits you most what would that be?

I have always gravitated towards any style that is illustrative.  Japanese, American traditional, Neo traditional, or new school.   I never got into realism bc I feel it doesn't hold up, or stand the test of time...so as a responsible tattooer I feel it's my duty to point people in the proper direction.   And illustrative tattooing is always the proper direction.    

 Is there any style that you have not attempted tattooing?  
 I've never done a portrait but would love to give it a shot.    

 Do you have a preference for color or black and grey?
 I like color and black grey.   Recently I've been combining the two and I think it's a very unique, and most importantly, solid style.   It will last forever.    

 What is the goofiest tat you've ever laid down?
 I once tattooed an ak-47 on a guy with a banner that read "fuck everybody".  That was a good one.     

 Do you have a prize possession tattoo? Could be one of yours, or one you have completed.

 I am really round of a few of the tattoos on my wife.  They are going on 6-7 years old and haven't aged a day.  My personal favorite on my body is the trailer tattoo on my chest.  It reminds me where and what I come from and that as long as I do what I love and work hard I will never have to return to that way of life.   

  With labels thrown out at every corner, What is the key to winning a customer over, if needed to?

to me we are selling our experience.  It's now about hourly rates, trophies or any showboat type of attitudes.  People don't want rock star artists...they want competent, trustworthy, and most importantly experienced artists.   Don't sell the tattoo...sell yourself...your understanding of the craft and of course always be honest!    


What would you like to achieve in the tattoo world within the next 10 years?

maybe my own shop.  Honestly i am a Simple guy.  I have a beautiful wife, two wonderful dogs and creative job.  I pretty much have everything I've ever really wanted.  As long as I'm making a living as an artist I think I will be happy! 


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