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Roman Food Delivery Present The Underground

This is our arena of culture! Discover the latest and hottest musicians and artists! We want to have everything from poetry to interpretive dance on this page! We know that it’s the people of Rome that give it its life, so we want to put the spotlight on you guys! Email us at Romanfoodmarketing@gmail.com 

Local Lounge

Jackie Blake's Music Reivew!

What's up guys! My name is Jackie Blake, and i want to share with you what I have lived for my entire life. Music, the scene, and the lifestyle. I'm going to take you into the belly of the beast with in your face articles, unapologetic music, and interviews with your favorite local legends. Like a whiskey shot, take it straight, there's no imitations, with one click your next favorite artist awaits.

Roman Fitness

Hustle for that Muscle.

 Fitness does not have to be something that you hate. Start small. 

The Rader Report

Nurse by day, Heroine by night! Check out how this mother of two stays ripped through all the daily obstacles and temptations of life!

Roman Artist


Check out this Queen of the Paints as Roman Food delivery interviews Autumn about her favorite styles, her inspirations and what makes her paint!


Whether slinging ink or painting, Raiden is putting the soul back into art! We asked him questions and it got real! 

Roman Photographers!

Luis from Sincerely Luis

Tearing up Instagram, Luis is a rising star in photography. we asked Luis a couple fan questions in a little one vs one! Check out his advice on drive ways, which camera is better and how to take proper naughty pics ;) 

The Poetry Corner

Roman Poetry Corner!

Check Out Floyd County's finest wordsmith, poetry from the soul you can feel! Do you write? Email us your poem's and we may feature them! So groovy! 


 Thoughts are precious possessions. This poetry is my obsession and I want to progress with every session. I want to demonstrate a state in which I create. Things in life can get you down. While writing is my only chance at survival, so I must escape.


Roman Fashion

Black Egyptian

A new style of local street wear based off one of the world's most controversial theories...Or is it now, a scientific fact?